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Whenever possible, manipulation is used to open a safe lock. A manual manipulation is first attempted. In 20-30 minutes a decision will be made to either continue to manipulate manually, switch to an auto-dialer manipulation or to abort manipulation altogether and plan a drill attack. Not all locks can be manipulated. If no manual manipulation progress is made, a manipulation attempt is generally aborted. A straight auto-dialer opening is NOT recommended as damage to the lock can occur. With no known numbers, (derived through manual manipulation), an auto-dialer opening may take over thirty hours. In that time the lock is subjected to more use and wear than it would be expected to receive in it's lifetime. This 'abuse' may cause the lock to fail, especially if some problem already exists with the lock. In addition, screws may vibrate loose causing additional, unnecessary challenges to the opening.

If a drill attack is indicated, the plan varies with the manufacturer and model of the container and the lock. The best plan of attack will be determined for this specific opening to accomplish the best repair. The repair itself will be made to provide better than original resistance to a second attempt. Most repairs are invisible, as most drill attacks are made under the dial.

assorted safecracking drills invisible repairs are possible

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